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Year 1, General Comment

Lily is a thoughtful and compassionate friend to her classmates. She consistently demonstrates kindness and empathy towards others, making her a valuable member of our classroom community.
In addition to her caring nature, Lily also possesses a friendly demeanor that makes her approachable and easy to talk to.
She could benefit from additional support in taking care of her belongings. Providing gentle reminders and guidance on organisation strategies could help Lily develop this important skill. She tends to struggle with sitting still on the mat during lessons and completing her work in a timely manner.
With some encouragement and reinforcement of positive behaviors, I am confident that she has the potential to improve in these areas. Her willingness to collaborate with others and participate actively in classroom activities is commendable. I would like to encourage Lily to keep up the good work she is doing.


Year 9, Science

Gerhard demonstrates outstanding abilities in Science, particularly excelling in investigation skills, Scientific inquiry, Critical thinking and problem-solving skills. He consistently shows great enthusiasm for learning and a natural aptitude for exploring scientific concepts.

Gerhard is able to think creatively and analytically when faced with complex problems, often coming up with innovative solutions. One area where Gerhard could benefit from further development is his Communication skills. Encouraging him to articulate his thoughts clearly and concisely will help enhance his ability to convey his ideas effectively in both written and verbal forms.

Overall, Gerhard's passion for Science is evident in his consistent high-quality work. With some additional focus on improving communication skills, he has the potential to further excel in this subject. His hard work and dedication are commendable assets that will continue to serve him well throughout his studies.


Year 3, Mathematics

Ruben has shown great proficiency in Mathematics this year. He excels in number concepts, problem solving skills and multiplication, demonstrating a solid understanding of these concepts. Ruben shows great enthusiasm for learning and consistently applies himself to his work.
However, he would benefit from some extra support with division and fractions. With some additional practice and guidance, I believe Ruben will be able to improve in these areas.
I am confident that he has the ability to overcome any challenges he may face in Mathematics and continue to succeed in the subject.
Keep up the fantastic work, Ruben! Your hard work is truly paying off, and I am proud of your progress so far this year.

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