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You can then review the comment and make any necessary changes before submitting it to your school's system.

It is designed to help you write comments for individual students more thoughtfully and efficiently. See how it works!

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A flexible AI to write report comments - your way.

Our report writing tool is highly customisable. You have total control: generate report comments for any subject, any year group, by any criteria. Adjust the length of the response you want, and adjust the level of formality used in your generated comment. Simply click "re-generate" until you have a response you're happy with.

You no longer have to rely on your school's comment bank when you're doing reports. We use an advanced LLM (large language model) to compile a report comment for each student, based on the information you've supplied.

You do not need to import your class list or give access to your school's student management software (Moodle, Zimbra, etc.). Our tool functions as a separate aid for teachers. Once you've generated a comment you're happy with, simply copy it into your school's system or wherever you do your reports normally.



Year 1, General comment

Lily is a thoughtful and compassionate friend to her classmates. She consistently demonstrates kindness and empathy towards others, making her a valuable member of our classroom community. In addition to her caring nature, Lily also possesses a friendly demeanour that...


Year 3, Mathematics

Ruben has shown great proficiency in Mathematics this year. He excels in number concepts, problem solving skills and multiplication, demonstrating a solid understanding of these concepts. Ruben shows great enthusiasm for... However...


Year 9, Science

Gerhard demonstrates outstanding abilities in Science, particularly excelling in investigation skills, Scientific inquiry, Critical thinking and problem-solving skills. He consistently shows great enthusiasm for learning and a natural aptitude for exploring scientific concepts...


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