About Us

Learn about the team and process behind the report writer

Our Story

We are a group of teachers who understand the challenges of writing report comments. The task is not only tedious and time-consuming but also monotonous.

While comment banks offer some standardisation, they still require a lot of work and often lack the personalised touch that parents expect.

To address this, we decided to use AI to generate report comments in a personalised way.

Our Team 

We're teachers who work with various age groups and curricula. We collaborated with an expert software developer to create SchoolReportAI, leveraging state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and AI to present a reliable service that solves a problem for all teachers

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: free up teachers' time while still providing personalised feedback to students and their parents.

We believe that by streamlining the report writing process, teachers can focus more on what they do best—teaching and engaging with their students.


 "My report comments sound more personal and tailored to each student than ever before. The fact that it saved me dozens of hours is a bonus too!" - Michelle 


Our users are teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary education from all over the world. The majority of our user base is in Australia, the UK and South Africa, but we do offer personalisation for any curriculum.

Continuous Improvement 

We are committed to continually improving our comment generator. We primarily do this by taking on user feedback

Our goal is to keep enhancing SchoolReportAI to better meet the needs of teachers around the world. 

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